The Ukrainian party fought off a batch of figurines from the Russians: what struck Loboda, lorac and bar at the “Golden gramophone 2019”

Украинский отряд отбил партию статуэток у россиян: чем поразили Лобода, Лорак и Барских на "Золотом граммофоне 2019"

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Before they were called zaprodantsy, and now they’re big stars. So, in the Russian capital hosted a ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden gramophone 2019” and among its owners of published the names of Ukrainian artists: Max Barsky, Vera Brezhneva, Ani Lorak and Svetlana Loboda. It is known that awards stars took to the stage himself.

Popular singer Ani Lorak appeared at the awards in a bright blue corduroy outfit with a hat. The artist presented two “gramophone” for the song “Dream” and “Crazy”. It is also known that two awards went to Vera Brezhneva. Singer Max Barsky received from the “Russian radio” one statuette for the hit “the Shore”.

Украинский отряд отбил партию статуэток у россиян: чем поразили Лобода, Лорак и Барских на "Золотом граммофоне 2019"

Vera Brezhnev at the ceremony “Golden gramophone” 2019, KP.UA

Closed concert in the Kremlin Palace, Svetlana Loboda. The singer took the stage in a leather suit with a leopard print. She was awarded a “gramophone” for the song “Instagram”. This became known thanks to the Russian media.

It is also called, for our readers the complete list of winners of the award “Golden gramophone 2019”:

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Polina Gagarina – “Melancholia”;

-Dmitry Malikov and Astero – “Everything will be”;

-Vladimir Presnyakov – “You at me one”;

Valery Meladze – “What do you want from me?” and a duet with ILO “How many years”;

Irina Dubcova – “I love you to the moon”;

-Sergey Lazarev – “Whisper”;

-Ani Lorak – “Dream” and “Crazy”;

Group Bi-2 – “philosopher’s stone”;

-Tim Belarusian – Nezabudka;

-Burito – “Fly”;

-Laima Vaikule – award from the “Russian radio” for “contribution to development of domestic show-business”;

-Nikolai Baskov – “Karaoke”, “Heart to heart”;

Vera Brezhnev – “Love one another” and the duet with Elena Sever “Evil does not hold”;

-Hands – “She kisses me”;

-2Маши – BOS;

-Maksim – “Here and now”;

-Max Barskih – “The Shore”;

-Artik&Asti and Artem Kacher – “Sad dance”;

Dima Bilan – “Lightning”;

-Denis Klyaver – “When you get to be big”;

-Diana Arbenina and “Night snipers” – a “Ringtone”;

Arthur Pirozhkov – “Hooked”;

-Svetlana Loboda – “Instagram”.

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