The Ukrainian presenter ridiculed the stories rossm on the military situation

Украинская ведущая высмеяла сюжеты росСМИ о военном положении

A new story from Yanina Sokolova.

Ukrainians in connection with the difficult situation and the military situation in the country had to give everything, including their underwear, for the army, reports the with reference to

“Ukraine has imposed martial law. So today I sit, not only without panties, but no bra. Because all the underwear I gave to the needs of the army, like all the unfortunate population of Ukraine”, – so reacted Ukrainian journalist Yanina Sokolova propaganda on the horrors allegedly taking place in our country.

“Children are digging trenches – this was only under Hitler!”, – broadcasts on “Russia-1” another “military expert” of the Kremlin. What Sokolov says

“Why did you bury themselves in our trenches? The children were digging trenches, not only under Hitler, but with Stalin in Leningrad, Stalingrad, Moscow. Moreover, children in the Gulag of the toys only had a shovel and earth. Children digging trenches in North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the friendly Soviet Union countries.”

The journalist recalled that in our country, 5 years is a war. While in Russia, which according to the official version of the Kremlin is not at war, the children somehow write letters to the front of dads.

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