The Ukrainians delayed flights are advised to submit collective complaints

Украинцам задержавшихся рейсов советуют подавать коллективные жалобы

The citizens who had to spend the night in the waiting rooms of airports, it is necessary to file lawsuits on tour operators. This was stated by the state Secretary of the MFA Andrei Zayats after the meeting in the Ministry of infrastructure dedicated to the crisis in the airline industry.

“While our citizens do not start to file class-action lawsuits, the liberal market does not work. It, unfortunately, so haven’t dealt with,” he said.

It was also decided to require airlines and tour operators to maintain round-the-clock hotline.

“The biggest problem faced by the Ukrainians abroad is a lack of information. To the tour operators and airlines often impossible to reach not only the citizens of Ukraine, but also ambassadors, Ministers and Deputy Ministers”, — said Andrei Zayats.

Bravo Airways explained the problems with the flights because the client has not fulfilled its financial obligations. However, the airline noted that for own account carried out 9 flights and transported a total of more than 1,500 Ukrainians. Now Bravo is flying on schedule.

In the event of failure of the transport regulations for air carriers penalties from 8.5 thousand UAH, reported in the Ministry of transport. The fate of tour operators handled by the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine, writes

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