The Ukrainians found the Telegram-bot, which defines a person by phone number

Украинцы обнаружили Telegram-бота, который определяет человека по номеру телефона

Users of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet found the Telegram-bot which allows you to learn the identity of a person by his phone number. In the description of the bot indicated that its database contains data on more than 30 million Ukrainian rooms.

As data sources are called sites and and also data from apps on Android, writes AIN.

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The journalists tested the bot — he really is without error identified subscribers, giving the name and surname of the owner of a phone number. To obtain such information, just enter the number in the format 380ххххххххх and press enter. The result is given instantly.

It is noteworthy that the bot allows you to easily get information about only three rooms per day. However, the limit is very simple — bot asks user about a simple service: give him a new contact from your phonebook.

Украинцы обнаружили Telegram-бота, который определяет человека по номеру телефона

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Who developed the bot could not figure out. The account specified as the owner, the request for publication not answered — which is probably connected with the ethical procedures of data collection and dissemination.

On and phone numbers and names of Ukrainians are often available through database summary, as it was possible to obtain information from the Android-applications — unknown.

Recall that a similar function of identifying people was previously available in Facebook — with the introduction of the search string the phone number of the social network gave out a profile of its owner. This was possible due to the identification of users through Messenger installed on their smartphones. However, many have criticized this feature, and then deactivated her Facebook.

As previously reported “FACTS” in service of selling tickets on the website of “Ukrzaliznytsya” this year is a feature added to “waiting list”. The basic principle of operation of the system resembles the work of the Telegram-bots who are searching for available tickets.

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