The Ukrainians have lost a legend in the theatre: what happened to Rimma Zyubina

Украинцы потеряли легенду театра: что случилось с Риммой Зюбиной

Rimma zyubina, photos facebook

today, 09:24

Popular Ukrainian actress Rimma zyubina left the “Young theatre”. A woman dedicated to the beloved’s whole life, as many as 22 years. His decision celebrity wrote a message on his page in social network Facebook.

She said that her performance was canceled at the last moment, and a photo from the website of the theatre promptly removed.

Украинцы потеряли легенду театра: что случилось с Риммой Зюбиной

“I made the decision to leave the Young theatre. I was accused of something I never did. His innocence I could not prove. Usually listen to both sides of the conflict. Moreover, conflict on my part was not. My head to listen did not want. Believe denunciations, slander and distorted information. To put up with this injustice I couldn’t. So I decided to leave,” wrote zyubina.

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Украинцы потеряли легенду театра: что случилось с Риммой Зюбиной

Rimma Zyubina

Rimma zyubina, photos facebook

According to Zyubina, discuss all the dirt and details she does not want and just heartily thanked his colleagues and friends for their support and spectators for the love, applause and flowers.

“Well, when 30.10 canceled my performance for “technical” reasons and hastily removed my photo from the site of the theatre, I was convinced that I made the right decision. All the nonsense and dirt in detail, I do not want to discuss. You can wipe my name on the theatre’s website, but to wipe out the memory of my heart 22 years of service to Young – not be anyone else.
I am eternally grateful to everyone who on both sides of the footlights was with me. Love not stop loving my colleagues for their support and partnership, each member of the audience for Your love, applause, flowers. You all helped me grow and become today,” said the artist.

Ukrainians bombarded the actress desperate review, because the work of a talented artist has warmed the hearts of Ukrainians for many years. Fans of “Young theatre” and noted that the institution had lost a real pearl.

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