The Ukrainians were able to win medals at the European Championships in race walking

Українці не змогли здобути медалі на чемпіонаті Європи у спортивній ходьбі

Inna Kashina finished with the seventh time in Berlin

On Saturday, August 11, morning at the European championship on track and field athletics competitions on sports walking on 20 km.

The start was postponed because one of the sections of the route there was a gas leak, informs the official website of the athletics Federation of Ukraine.

In the end, on the track at the same time both women and men, which certainly adds entertainment competitions. Among the participants were six Ukrainians.

In the beginning, men and women stood out of the group leaders. Among them was Victor Sumic, Ivan Losev, Inna Kashina and Hope Bohr. Alexey Kazanin and Maria Filyk a little behind.

The main event started closer to the finish line. Most of the forces have enough of the Spaniards. They won Maria Perez (1:26:36, record of the European Championships) and Alvaro Martin men (1:20:42).

The Ukrainians, although for a long time and were among the applicants for awards, to hold on to the pedestal failed.

The best among our countrymen have Inna Kashina (seventh place, 1:29:16) and Victor Sumic (11, 1:22:24). Hope Bohr rounded out the top-10 women’s (1:30:38) and Ivan Losev was the 12th in men (1:22:28).

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