The Ukrainians won five medals on the first day of the world Sambo championship

Українці завоювали п'ять медалей в перший день чемпіонату світу з Самбо

Four years we waited for the title of champion in combat Sambo

In Bucharest on Friday started the world championship on sports and combat Sambo among men and women.

This forum is dedicated to the official 80th anniversary of the sport.

The competition attracted about 600 athletes from nearly 80 countries.

In each of the three competition days played nine sets of medals in sports Sambo men and women and also in the combat section.

On 9 November, the Ukrainians took part in the distribution of five prize sets, taking two gold, two silver and one bronze medal.

Four years we waited for the title of champion in combat Sambo.

In 2014 Japan became the first Kiev Igor Severin in weight to 62 kg. And Romania – already have two gold medals in this kind of program.

Current Champions of Europe Vladislav Rudnev (to 74 kg, Donetsk region) and Anatoly Voloshin (up to 100 kg, Odessa oblast) your finals won ahead of schedule.

Silver scored another “battle” representative Alexander Voropayev (to 57 kg, Odessa region), and Anastasia Shevchenko (up to 60 kg, Kharkiv). Bronze was won by Natalia smal (72 kg, Ivano-Frankivsk region).

The world championship will end on Sunday.

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