The ultimatum is understood by the keepers of bars

L’ultimatum compris par les tenanciers de bars

MONTREAL – The possibility of punishing the users and the owners of the bar that does not respect the measures of the public health is seen from a right eye by several owners.

“I am very happy because this is not normal that we break the head to change our formats, to place our clients, while others leave it wide open to get the cash the most,” said Damon Berger, co-owner of the bar Le Saint-Édouard in the neighbourhood of Rosemont in Montreal.

“I work with the police. Morality guides us in our work. Their work, it is give us a framework and help us to uphold”, he added shortly after the announcement of the new minister of Health, Christian Dubé.

He said that his government would evaluate the various methods that could be used to ensure that the rules of social distancing are met in the bars, for example by reducing the opening hours or even by handing out fines to the establishments the offenders or even customers.

Mr. Shepherd found the idea interesting, because it empowers the customer. “It makes us, we are not alone in there”, he said.

The situation experienced at the end of last month at the Mile Public House in Brossard, visited clients with the COVID-19, mark the spirits and encourages some of the tenants of the bar to be even more cautious. At St. Edward, we ask all visitors to text their full name to a number when they arrive, which allows you to keep a record. “We decided to do it, because if a problem happens, the public health we called and in 5 minutes, it is set to”, summarized Mr. Berger.

Educate the customer

The owner of the bar Old Montreal’s Joverse, Matt Guerguerian, supports the remarks of his colleague. With this announcement, small adjustments will be made to the organization of its establishment. “We’re going to limit it a bit more capacity. We are going to remove the seats at the bar. It remains to be seen. All of the restrictions that [the public health] will put, we will follow,” he said.

Mr. Guerguerrian has also pointed out that customers will have to cooperate. “At Joverse, when customers come, they think that the COVID-19 is finished, he revealed. There are a lot of education to do for our customers.”

“It’s been two weeks that we are open. It is possible that you go in the place, but also your responsibility to help us to remain open. It is necessary that customers understand [the rules] and accept them”, he added.

Release prohibited

The president of the association of the bar of Quebec (NABQ), Pierre Thibault, does not hide his state of anxiety experienced before hearing the words of the minister of Health. “We wondered what he [Christian Dubé] was going to say. We even went as far as to think that he was going to close the bars”, he confided.

Mr. Thibault has interpreted the words of Mr. Dubé as a “help to entrepreneurs who are engaged in this struggle against the pandemic,” and sees this as good news.

“At the same time, it becomes like a final warning for the bars who do not want to return to the ranks”, has analyzed the president.

Last Friday, the NABQ had asked for an awareness campaign and a rapid and effective response of the police to stop the behaviour unacceptable. Despite a few differences in some of the institutions, Mr. Thibault said, Monday, will be “felt heard”.

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