The United States accuse Russia of having tested a weapon antisatellites

Les États-Unis accusent la Russie d’avoir testé une arme antisatellites

The United States were accused on Thursday that Russia had tested a weapon that could be used to destroy satellites in space, worrying about a threat that is ” real, serious and growing “.

The american space Command “has evidence” that Moscow has “led to a test non-destructive of a weapon antisatellite from space” on the 15th of July, he said in a statement.

“The test last week is another example that threats to the spatial installations of the United States and its allies are real, serious, and growing,” said Space Command.

“This is unacceptable,” tweeted the american negotiator on disarmament the Marshall Billingslea, adding that it was a “serious problem” would be discussed next week in Vienna during the discussions to replace the bilateral treaty, New Start on limiting the number of nuclear warheads.

The system used for the test of the last week is the same as that about which the Space Command had expressed its concern earlier this year, when Russia had maneuvered near a satellite of the u.s. government, said general Jay Raymond, who directs the Space force american.

“It is a new proof of the constant efforts of Russia to develop and test systems from space, in accordance with the military doctrine, the Kremlin’s use of weapons which hold the facilities of the United States and their allies under threat,” continued the general, quoted in the press release.

“This event highlights the plea of a hypocrite to Russia on arms control in space,” said Christopher Ford, a senior official of the department of State in charge of arms control.

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