The United States and the world… until a better

Les États-Unis et le monde... En attendant mieux

With time, there are anniversaries that come and go and that there is more. This is what happened last Tuesday with agreement on the nuclear program of Iran. He was not old yet, five years ago. Barack Obama had found a way to moderate the transports of the Iranians. Without offering better, Donald Trump was all thrown to the garbage. Like so many other things.

In the Bible, the book of Genesis describes the creation of the world, six very busy days for God, each ending with “there was evening and there was morning…” and Then, everything is different. It comes to such mythic references to what awaits the United States and the rest of the world, once the current president out of the White House.

To see things go, american foreign policy will undergo a metamorphosis which will make it move from chaos to order. Joe Biden is not the Savior, but he can’t make it worse. Donald Trump with his “America First” has squandered the goodwill that the major allies of the United States had against the superpower.

In fact, its management is apocalyptic of the pandemic is now so that we don’t want to see the Americans in Canada nor in Europe nor Oceania. A handful of countries, thirst for u.s. dollars, remain willing to open their borders : Albania, Belarus, and Kosovo, in particular… not quite dream destinations.

A dose of consistency

Just a little good will on the part of Joe Biden with respect to the traditional allies of the United States will be welcomed with as much enthusiasm as the liberation of France in 1944.

The democratic candidate assumed the presidency undertakes, from its first day in the White House, to return to the Paris Agreement on climate, in a move that will give the United States a central role in what is shaping up to be the great fight of the 21st century : the fight against climate change.

In the Face of the Chinese engaillardit a bit more every day, the United States will pull out of the current love-hate relationship where Donald Trump wandering between his admiration for Xi Jinping, the imposition of tariffs on chinese exports and the hope of massive purchase of agricultural products by Beijing.

Friends could not be associated with

Let’s be realistic, the president, Trump launched a few elk that nobody really wants to break. In a long essay published in late-January by the Foreign Affairs magazine, former vice-chairman of Barack Obama recognizes, too, that ” we must bring the great majority of our troops home from the wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and set closely to our mission as being to defeat Al-Qaeda and the islamic State. “

That said, we can already glimpse – in the event of the victory of Biden on Trump – major changes in american foreign policy that only a few autocrats and other dictators will regret.

Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of saudi arabia, who has not had to bear the murder heinous of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Kim Jong-un, the tyrant in north korea, which is not conceived of surely not even in his wildest dreams, the global recognition that have been bestowed on his meetings with the american president.

Without forgetting Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, who is allowed – up to pay premiums for every american soldier killed in Afghanistan – without Donald Trump not rises the tone. This relationship, she will remain a mystery.

President Trump… they will be bored.

Mohammed bin Salman

♦ Crown Prince of saudi arabia

The White House has remained inactive, although the CIA had concluded that he had ordered the murder of the columnist of the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi.

Kim Jong-un

♦ Dictator of north korea

While developing its nuclear program and ballistic missiles, it has attracted the credibility of any new through three meetings with the president Trump : in Singapore in June 2018, Vietnam in February 2019 and in the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas in June 2019.

Bashar al-Assad

♦ Syrian dictator

Although they have suffered us bombings after the use of chemical weapons, the withdrawal of american troops has ensured the survival of his regime with the help of Russia and Iran.

Vladimir Putin

♦ Russian president

He chained attacks (cyber attacks, interference in elections, etc), acts of intimidation, the military Russian-made aircraft in the airspace of NATO members, etc) and attacks pure and simple against the american soldiers (via the taliban in Afghanistan). Donald Trump continues despite everything, to have a slight to him, to the point of considering openly invite them to the next summit of the G7 in Washington next September.


“Full astern ! “

January 2017

Removal of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free trade treaty between 12 partners, including Canada.

May 2017

Renegotiation forced the NAFTA treaty, the north american free trade.

June 2017

Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on the climate, an agreement among 195 countries to protect the environment.

June 2017

Re-imposition of travel bans and trade with Cuba.

May 2018

Removal of the JCPOA, the agreement on the supervision of the nuclear program of Iran.

June 2018

Removal of the Council of Human rights of the UN because of a ” bias chronic against Israel “.

October 2019

Withdrawal of Syria and the abandonment of kurdish guerrillas who fought against the extremists of the islamic State.

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