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The United States has recovered the first debris from the Chinese balloon and does not intend to return them

The United States has recovered initial Chinese balloon debris and does not do not intend to return them


The United States has recovered the first debris from the Chinese balloon shot down on Saturday, a White House spokesperson said Monday, adding that there was no question of returning them to China.< /p>

Teams deployed off the coast of South Carolina, in the southeast of the country, “recovered some debris from the surface of the sea,” said John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council of the executive. American, during an interview with the press.

He specified that the “weather conditions” had so far not allowed to carry out underwater recovery operations.

< p>John Kirby also indicated that the United States did not “intend to return” the collected debris to China.

While US President Joe Biden is criticized by the Republican opposition for having, according to them, taken too long to shoot down the device, the spokesperson assured that this delay had given Americans “a tremendous opportunity to better understand and 'study' the balloon, while waiting for the debris to provide further information.

He also assured that the United States had “taken measures to limit the collection capacities (of data) that this balloon would have had over our sensitive military sites.”

John Kirby finally said that the Biden administration had “contacted senior officials from the previous administration and ) offered briefings” about Chinese balloon overflights that took place while Donald Trump was president.

According to the Pentagon, Chinese balloons flew over US territory three times for brief periods during Donald Trump's presidency, and once , also for a short time, at the start of Joe Biden's term.

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