The United States is now considering to inoculate the coronavirus volunteers to test vaccines

Les États-Unis envisagent d’inoculer le coronavirus à des volontaires pour tester les vaccins

WASHINGTON | A federal research institute u.s. has announced, Friday, develop a strain of the coronavirus for, perhaps a day, inject it deliberately to volunteers in order to check if the experimental vaccines are effective.

The national Institute of allergy and infectious diseases (NIAID), headed by dr. Anthony Fauci, said to have “started a project of making a strain that could be used to develop a model of experimental infection human, if necessary.”

In a clinical trial in normal volunteers receiving an experimental vaccine or a placebo, and were followed for months or years to see if they are naturally contaminated with the virus in circulation.

It takes time, and experts propose that, since the start of the pandemic COVID-19, a faster route, already used for the flu, malaria, typhoid fever, dengue fever, and cholera: injecting the experimental vaccine, and then the coronavirus. The group 1DaySooner advocates for this method.

But, in contrast, to the above diseases, the doctors still know how to treat little patients of the COVID-19, which makes these experiments to be dangerous.

The institute has not taken a decision, and should do so only at the end of the year, when the results of clinical trials of final phase for three projects-developed vaccine against the coronavirus (AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer) should be known.

David Diemert, director of the unit conducting the vaccine trials at the George Washington University, and in particular the testing of the vaccine of Moderna in Washington, told AFP be opposed to this type of experiments for the COVID-19.

“Our knowledge is limited”, said the doctor. “We do not have a treatment to ensure that you will be able to cure someone who falls seriously ill”.

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