The United States should not leave the WHO

Les États-Unis ne doivent pas quitter l’OMS

Overwhelmed by the spread of the COVID-19, and criticized by many experts, the president Trump never hesitates to point in the direction of its scapegoats favourite; the China and the world health Organization.

All the Chinese WHO deserve that one examines closely a number of decisions and, in one case as in the other, we looked forward to an accountability that is long. The WHO has already criticised just as severe in the management of other records.

That said, I still believe that the decision of the u.s. administration to cut off funds, and then withdraw from the organization, in full pandemic is a mistake. If the announcement has been made, the decision will come into force in a year. Not only the United States could have a new president in the interim, but president Trump is not the only one to comment on in the folder and it will have to obtain the consent of the Congress.

Why the decision of the administration, is it reckless? In full pandemic, the role of WHO and the data collected by it on a global scale are essential to the national security of our neighbor. The organization coordinates a massive effort of observation, intervention and development. Only for the development of a vaccine to curb the spread of the COVID-19, we are talking here about a collaboration of a hundred countries.

Not only the threat hanging over the world requires a collective effort, but deprive themselves of WHO would penalize also good number of american companies in the private sector and the public sector.

This morning, the website the Hill quoted the example of the children’s hospital St. Jude in Tennessee and the University of Vermont the number of employees who participate in significant projects and a withdrawal of WHO would penalize severely. St-Jude could soon help heal 60% of the most common cancers in children in the world. More than a hundred other u.s. partners WHO would also do their research hindered.

I agree that it requires more transparency on the part of the world health Organization and focuses particularly on its games from behind the scenes. Regardless of the context, leaving the WHO is a decision with heavy consequences, but to do it now is irresponsible. For the good of the planet and for their own security, the Americans must curb Donald Trump.

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