The United States surpassed the 130 000 people dead of the COVID-19

Les États-Unis dépassent la barre des 130 000 morts de la COVID-19

The United States has exceeded Monday, the bar 130 000 deaths from the coronavirus, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University, in which reference is made.

Monday in the middle of the day to Washington, 2 888 729 cases of COVID-19 had been recorded for 130 007 death.

The most affected country – in absolute value – in terms of numbers of diagnosed cases and deaths, the United States are familiar with, since the month of June a serious pic of contamination that has led several States to suspend their process of déconfinement, or even to go back by closing the bars.

The daily number of infections is recorded has reached a record 57 683 case Saturday.

While the $ 100 000 deaths had been reached on may 27, the president, Donald Trump is delighted that the number of dead newspapers is declining, even though many experts believe it could follow the curve of new cases, and go back in several weeks.

A new shutdown of the american economy, however, is not the order of the day, after the figures and catastrophic employment in march and April.

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