The United States will review the sanctions against Huawei in the interest of american companies

Les États-Unis révisent les sanctions contre Huawei dans l’intérêt des sociétés américaines

SAN FRANCISCO | The United States has slightly softened the recent sanctions taken against Huawei in order to protect their own interests in the deployment of technologies related to 5G.

In mid-may, the government of Donald Trump had taken measures to impede the ability of the chinese giant of telecommunication in the development of semi-conductors abroad thanks to the american technology.

But this “should not prevent american companies from participating in the development of important standards” in the 5G, note a press release from the ministry of Commerce released on Monday.

This penalty affects in effect the number two in the world of the smart phone, by restricting its margin of maneuver, but it also affects the other actors in the sector, which depend on Huawei and global supply chains.

The chinese group is the most advanced in the 5G, this new mobile telephony standard that led her to leverage the speed and capacity of transmission.

The development of autonomous vehicles and other advanced technologies depends on the deployment of the 5G.

“The United States will not relinquish their leadership role in global innovation”, argues the minister of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

Its decision in mid-may prevented Huawei to buy semi-conductors “directly from” the know-how american. These electronic components are essential in computers and smart phones, but also in industry, automotive and aerospace.

Huawei will now be able to access certain technologies in the us “, to develop standards,” details the press release on Monday.

“This action recognizes the importance of harnessing american ingenuity to advance and protect our economy and our national security”, says Wilbur Ross.

The administration Trump perceives Huawei to be a threat to us national security, accusing him of collusion with the chinese authorities, something that the group categorically denies.

The United States suspect the business of spying for Beijing and are unstinting of their allies to prevent Huawei from entering the market for the 5G.

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