The universe was falling apart into atoms. Actors “Diesel show” soulful honored Marina Poplavskaya on the day of its 50th anniversary

Вселенная распадалсь на атомы... Актеры "Дизель-шоу" проникновенно почтили Марину Поплавскую в день ее 50-летия

Marina Poplavskaya,photo: Facebook

today, 07:46

Since the terrible accident near Kiev, where the death of a famous Ukrainian actress, the star of “Diesel Show” Marina Poplavskaya, it’s been almost two years. If not for that fateful accident, today, March 9, 2020, Poplavskaya would have marked its 50th anniversary.

However, she was not destined to cross the line half a century, she went to another world in the Prime of life and will forever be 48-year-old woman, an actress, a favorite of millions and family man for the family.

Colleagues actors “Diesel show” honored the memory of the Marina on the day of her anniversary, that did not take place…

Colleagues have reminded everyone what a wonderful person was Marina Poplavskaya.

“How do you know how to admire. Your face shone with such unique emotion. This is the case when an adult woman at one point turned into a little girl. You will remain for us all a true example. Because you have had tremendous optimism and love of life, ability to admire the little things … You know how to be angry so that the universe disintegrated into atoms. But from you it was impossible to look away at such moments. You possessed a rare gift – the ability to stand when inside you were raging storms and circling Blizzard,” wrote colleague Marina on the page “Diesel show” in Facebook.

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Вселенная распадалсь на атомы... Актеры "Дизель-шоу" проникновенно почтили Марину Поплавскую в день ее 50-летия

Marina Poplavskaya,photo: Facebook

Family “Diesel show” thanked Marina for the time that they were together and admitted that she misses her.

“You had an incredible ability to charm everyone who was in your surroundings for a minute or for years. We remember, farther, the sharper it is an incredible time when we are together rotated this Planet. Thank you for every lesson, and as a teacher and as a person. Appreciate, remember, love. I want to say that we miss you. And the more time passes, the stronger the sense of loss”.

As you know, the artist at the age of 48 years, in October 2018, was killed in an accident near Kiev, returning with the team “Diesel Show” tour.

Dear Marisha, your birthday, your failed 50-year anniversary, we want to tell, to remember, to remind…

Geplaatst door Diesel Show op Maandag 9 maart 2020

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Recall that before the accident the Marina Poplavskaya made a post that breaks the heart into small pieces.

As reported by the portal Znayu surfaced important secret Marina Poplavskaya, who did not know the audience

Also Znayu wrote secret tomb of stars “Diesel show” was shown from height.

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