The unusual shape of the ring hurt the bride before the wedding

The groom gave his beloved silver jewelry with precious stones arranged in the form of dog paws

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Необычная форма кольца обидела невесту накануне свадьбы

The bride was offended by the groom because of the shape of the engagement ring

Network users on the resource Reddit drew attention to candid post anonymous bride, which is the day before the wedding she received from her beloved wedding ring of unusual shape. We are talking about the silver ornament with precious stones arranged in a dog’s legs: a large diamond in the center, and above it four smaller. The woman claims that this gift is an insult to her feelings, reports The Sun.

Необычная форма кольца обидела невесту накануне свадьбы

An unusual ring in the shape of dog paws

“I love my husband, but I forced him to melt down the ring so it didn’t look like a dog’s paw. Who in their right mind would walk with a dog paw on your arm?” — complained to the girl in Facebook and added that she loves her dog, but does not intend to go with this decoration life.

Most commentators supported the bride. “I’m one of those crazies who spend all their free time at dog shows, but if my husband gave me something, I would have divorced him,” wrote one of the bridesmaids in the comments.

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