The urgent campaign of The guignolée of the media has helped raise $ 1.2 million

La campagne d'urgence de La guignolée des médias a permis d’amasser 1,2 million $

MONTREAL – The guignolée of the media, has managed to raise nearly $ 1.2 million through its emergency campaign to “containment, it makes you hungry,” put in place to help the counters of food aid to cope with an increasing demand due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

The campaign was launched on 20 April for the benefit of approximately 70 racks of food assistance in Quebec and came to an end Sunday. A part of the sum of $ 1.2 million, or $ 500,000, which was distributed on 6 may last, the remainder will be Friday.

“This assistance will be welcome, because from the first days of the crisis in mid-march, the latter have suffered a dramatic rise in attendance from 30% to 300 %,” said The guignolée of the media in a press release Monday, thanking “from the bottom of my heart the thousands of donors for their great generosity”.

“Thanks to them, thousands of Quebecers and their families will be better able to combat the impact of the current crisis which you don’t see the end for now”, she added.

The organisers have also thanked the individuals who have participated in this initiative, Mélissa Bédard, Bob the chef, Jean-Philippe Dion, Stéphane Had, Vincent Graton, Danièle Henkel, Bianca Longpré, Patricia Paquin, Jennifer Seguin and Guylaine Tanguay.

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