The use of these products will enhance the health of your teeth

Употребление этих продуктов укрепит здоровье зубов

The best foods to strengthen teethAccording to dentists, the use of these products ensures the intake of microelements, which is necessary for proper blood supply to the gums, the health of which depends on the condition of the teeth, writes the with reference on healthinfo.

For example, experts recommend eating fruits and vegetables with a high content of fiber for the prevention of dental plaque. Perfect product – available to all carrots: nibbling it, you can improve the condition of the mucosa of the gums and mouth in General.

In addition, a very useful pumpkin. This vegetable is an excellent source important for healthy teeth minerals – selenium, fluorine and zinc, and also perfectly whitens teeth.

Doctors explain that the saliva in the mouth must contain sufficient minerals fluoride, calcium and phosphate that strengthen tooth enamel. To fill the balance of these substances, they recommend eating a variety of greens including go easy on the spinach. One of the best providers of calcium (along with phosphorus) are nuts, cheese.

Do not forget about vegetables with antibacterial properties. The consumption of all known onion and garlic reduces the risk of caries or inflammatory processes, avoids the halitosis. In addition, for good blood circulation in the mouth to chew hard fruits such chewing in addition to fortification gives the effect of massage gums.

He reminded the experts, and that a prerequisite for maintaining dental health is the inclusion in the diet iodine-containing plants – seaweed and other algae.

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