The Vampire Diaries : the death of Stefan ? A wish of Paul Wesley

The Vampire Diaries : la mort de Stefan ? Un souhait de Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley speaks on the death of Stefan in The Vampire Diaries

The last episode of The Vampire Diaries has broken the hearts of fans : we are witnessing the death of Stefan who is sacrificed to save his brother Damon, and allow him to have a long and happy life with Elena. Even more than two years after the broadcast, some do not call. However, this plot was intended by Paul Wesley : he just confirm that he had even insisted that his character dies.

Over the seasons, it happened in The Vampire Diaries that this is for Stefan and his brother Damon. Recently, Ian Somerhalder who is back this Thursday, December 5, in the series V-Wars is available on Netflix was entrusted on a plot that was frustrated, and had also mentioned his friendship with Paul Wesley. The interpreter of Stefan Salvatore is also in full promo since season 2 of Tell Me a Story is back this Thursday on CBS All Access in the USA. And he could not escape a few questions RST…

Paul Wesley wanted the death of Stefan

Guest of the show Watch What Happens Live, Paul Wesley is back on the end of The Vampire Diaries and, in particular, on the death of his character. The opportunity for him to confirm once again that he is satisfied with the end reserved for Stefan. And for good reason : he himself has requested that his character dies in the end. “I was very happy of his death and I asked what he died. He has done a lot of bad things and I had the impression that he deserved this death,” he explained.

One thing that hasn’t pleased everyone. On Twitter, Julie Plec (co-creator of The Vampire Diaries) has defended Paul Welsey according to an article by Buzzfeed judging about the actor as being “rude” to the fans. “This is crazy. An actor has the right to believe that death is the end of the more poetic for his character. For the anecdote, Kevin Williamson (the other co-creator of the series, editor’s note) and I had tortured Paul before giving him the script, saying that it would be Damon who would die as a hero” she posted on Twitter.

The end not very happy that they wanted for the series

Always in Watch What Happens Live, Paul Wesley has also explained that he would have welcomed an end even more bloody and a lot less joyful for the fans. “I honestly believe that the two brothers would have had to die. I would have liked that they die, and that the memory of Elena erased so that she can have a normal life and forget that they existed. It would have been cool,” he explained. For sure the fans will agree with him…

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