The vendors should accept cash in some situations

Les commerçants devraient accepter l’argent comptant dans certaines situations

The minister of Finance of Québec has made a reminder to vendors regarding electronic transactions and non-contact, highly put forward since the beginning of the pandemic in order to avoid the transmission of the new coronavirus.

If this type of transaction should be preferred in the current context, the Bank of Canada recommends that you accept the payment in cash of a client who would not have a debit card or credit.

“I count on the cooperation of all the merchants for which they do not penalize citizens who, for one reason or another, do not have access to other modes of payment than cash. Of course, we must continue to pursue electronic means of payment without contact,” said Eric Girard Tuesday morning by way of press release.

According to Option consommateurs, “even if the currency Act gives legal tender cash, a merchant may choose by contract to exclude the payments in cash, by appending for example, a display clear in the school”, informed the organization on its web site.

The payment without contact is not the only way to protect the cashiers of the virus. A merchant could decide to attract only one employee, protected with gloves, mask, visor, to receive cash payments.

Gift cards – or prepaid – could also be offered to people who have neither the credit or the debit.

“This way, we could avoid that the people who depend on the cash find themselves in a difficult situation where they could not procure essential goods. We are thinking particularly of senior or low-income people,” says Option consommateurs.

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