The Venice Film Festival: “It's really a great honor” -Salomé Villeneuve

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A year ago, filmmaker Denis Villeneuve launched his Hollywood blockbuster Dune. This Thursday evening, it will be the turn of his daughter, Salomé Villeneuve, to have the honor of presenting a film at the prestigious Italian festival. 

Salomé Villeneuve will indeed unveil on Thursday, in world premiere, her first short film, III, a 12-minute work having been produced by the Montreal box Metafilms (Jeune Juliette, < em>Falcon Lake). The only 100% Quebec production to have been selected at the Venice Film Festival this year, the film will be screened in the Orizzonti section of the festival. 

“It was completely unexpected,” says Salomé Villeneuve on the phone about this selection in the oldest film festival in the world.   

“It's a beautiful surprise, which I did not expect at all. The Venice Film Festival is a cinephile festival and an incredible celebration of cinema. It is truly a great honor to have the chance to present my film in such a context. »

IIIexplores the love-hate relationship between two brothers and a sister, on a hot summer day on the edge of a lake. Salomé Villeneuve says she was partly inspired by her relationship with her two brothers to write the screenplay.

“The desire to make the film came from a fascination for the bond I had with my brothers when I was a child, explains the director, who studied cinema at Concordia University.  

“When I immersed myself in my childhood memories, it fascinated me to see how I could sometimes hate them and at the same time they could be the beings I love most in the world. I went to draw on these very strong passionate emotions to write the film. It's not my brothers and I who are depicted in the film, but I would say it's a fictionalized version of many of my childhood memories. »

A proud dad

Salomé Villeneuve traveled to the city of the doges to present the film with two of her three actors, Anne Florence Lavigne -Desjardins and Elliot Desjardins-Gauthier. His mother will be by his side for the screening, but not his father, busy these days with the filming of Dune 2

If he doesn't want to put added pressure on his daughter's shoulders, Denis Villeneuve is delighted to see her present her first film in Venice, according to her words. 

“I think he is very proud and very happy, says Salomé Villeneuve. My father is extremely passionate about cinema. Cinema is a bit of a religion at home. So of course it makes him very happy. »