The Venice golf course is sold

After having been at the helm of the Venice Golf Club for 43 years, Paul Brouillard passes the torch. The latter has sold the 36 holes of golf and infrastructure to Gilles Beaucage, who plans to completely transform the site by possibly building a hotel and a convention center, while carrying out a residential project.

C is for health reasons Paul Brouillard decided to withdraw from the Venice Golf Club. The 95-year-old has learned a lot of bad news from his doctor and wants to settle his estate quickly.

“It has come time for me to pass the torch. I know how difficult it is to settle an estate like mine, so I refuse to bequeath this burden to my loved ones. I’m sick and although it’s hard for me to leave the Venice Golf Club after all these years, I’m happy to see a man like Gilles Beaucage take over, “said Mr. Brouillard.

The amount of the transaction has not been disclosed.

“The golf club is profitable. Financially, it’s going really well. There is no mortgage on the ground. We will welcome 35 new members this year. There were 200 people on the ground today, 26 April. In total, there are 580 members. It is very good! “Recalls Paul Brouillard.

Gilles Beaucage, owner of a few regional car dealerships, will take possession of the premises on June 30th.

“I am very proud of what I achieved. There was nothing here at the start. I built everything from scratch. I built a chalet with a reception room and a pro shop, I realized 36 holes of golf and a field of practice. I will keep very good memories of this long adventure, “says Paul Brouillard.

Note that Mario Brouillard, son of Paul Brouillard, retains his position as General Manager and that the professional Yves Robillard also remains in his position.

Two passions together

Gilles Beaucage admits it: it is his passion for golf and business that pushed him to acquire the Venice Golf Club, a jewel in the region.

“I like sport, but I also saw it as a great business opportunity. I have been working on this project for almost three years. And I must have made known my interest in the Venice Golf Club at Paul Brouillard about ten years ago. I told him that when he was ready to sell, that I would probably be interested and invited him to sign me, which he did. Eventually, I will retire and I see myself spending it on this golf course. ”

The businessman has also worked for a few years as a caddy when he was young.

“My father was the general manager of two lots in the corner of Boucherville and Rosemère. I was 12 or 13 years old and I was a caddy. I like golf and if I succeed in imitating the feat of Mr. Brouillard by keeping the place for more than 40 years, I will be very proud. ”

One thing at a time

Before embarking on large-scale projects, Mr. Beaucage wants to understand how the Venice Golf Club works.

“I still have a lot to learn,” he says.

Subsequently, he intends to refresh the facilities.

“The main cottage needs love. I would like to improve the buildings that are already there, “says the new owner.

Attract young people

One of the biggest challenges for golf clubs: seducing young golfers and seeing young people take an interest in golf.

“I am fortunate to acquire a healthy business. Unlike many golf clubs, that of Venice works very well. But I would like to attract young people to our field. I thought, among other things, of a holiday camp project and I intend to approach schools in the region. This new project is very motivating and allows me to vary my commercial activities “, summarizes Gilles Beaucage.

Hotel, convention center and residential project

If the Venice Golf Club has long offered its members and visitors 36 holes of golf, soon, they will have to be satisfied with 18 holes. Gilles Beaucage does not know yet which course will ecopera: Deauville or Venice?

“The place is heavenly. I must continue my discussions with a potential partner to make this project a reality. I might want to build a hotel and a convention center and then build a residential project on one of the two 18 holes. I think the place would be ideal. We have a beautiful view of Mount Orford. It would be magical, “explains the new owner.

Mr. Beaucage believes that there is some demand for new retirees or older people for condos or houses bordering a golf course.

“I do not target the luxury housing project with big houses and everything, but simpler residences, even luxurious, to allow people to leave for the winter issue to settle in the South, Florida for example. The target audience is not the millionaires, but the well-off financially. There would be spaces for them to park their RV and it could be a condo complex. We could take care of their land and various services. Once the children leave home, it becomes too big and couples sometimes look for something cheaper that requires less maintenance. They want to have peace of mind, “says Gilles Beaucage.

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