The victims of pyrrhotite may still have to wait

Les victimes de la pyrrhotite pourraient encore devoir attendre

The insurers of SNC-Lavalin will ask the court of appeal on Monday to delay the payment of their share of the 210 million $ due to 857 households victims of pyrrhotite.

The victims could still wait a while before cashing their first check. At the turn of the insurers to SNC-Lavalin to request time for not paying their due by 13 July, as required by the final judgment of the court of appeal.

“It is sure that no one will throw not the towel. We will continue to fight. Our goal is that the victims are paid within the time limits provided,” said the lawyer of the victims, Pierre Soucy.

SNC-Lavalin has been found guilty, not once, but twice, by 75% of the damage caused to the houses of the 857 plaintiffs in the first trial.

Their insurers want to wait to pay, the question of whether the supreme Court will agree to hear SNC-Lavalin on the sharing of responsibilities.

Even in 2020, there are people who do raise their house to repair the foundation, pyrrhotite is still present.

The way of the cross of the victims is so far from being finished. At least two other mega-trials must be held, but only when the first is settled.

Bertrand Poirier is just part of the victims of the 2nd trial.

He has paid the home over$ 300,000. It is now worth just 76 000$.

“One time, I’m going to sell my house. It’s part of my investments for my retirement. There, I can’t sell it. As long as it is not fixed, I can’t sell it”, he mentioned.

It will wait until its due before you pick up and repair his house, because he doesn’t want to touch his investments.

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