The video showed a giant 18-pound cat

Animal can not move independently

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 05:52

На видео показали гигантского 18-килограммового кота

The fat cat UK weighs 18 kg

In new York save you from obesity cat named Barsik, who scored 18 pounds. The animal can not walk, to the vet he was taken to a special wheelchair.

From the cat during a move refused by the owners. Thus the cat was in one of the city shelters. The new owner took the pet to a wheelchair to a veterinary clinic, where specialists were impressed by the weight of the animal. They even had to use scales for dogs, because “cat” was too small.

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While the cat is in a temporary mistress, and its supply system had already been significant changes.

By the way, the title of the well-fed cat in the UK got eight-year-old POM-POM that weighs about ten pounds.

Recall, showed the most popular on the Internet the cat: funny pics. In addition, we wrote, like talking with the owner of the cat “blew up” the network. Earlier we wrote that the cat is a klepto brought the hostess a bundle of money. The owner of the animal says that this is not the first case.

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