'The Village of Three Pines' will not have a second season

“Three Pines Village” will not have a second season


The ax has fallen on The Village of Three Pines. The Amazon Prime Video platform confirmed to Variety magazine on Monday that the television series adapted from the series of best-selling novels by Canadian author Louise Penny will not be entitled to a second season. 

Launched on Prime Video last December, the eight episodes of the first season of the series were shot entirely in Quebec, in particular in the Eastern Townships, where the plot takes place.

This is British actor Alfred Molina, known for his roles in Spider-Man 2 and Frida, who gave life to the character of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, the famous hero of Louise Penny's novels. Several Quebec actors, including Marie-France Lambert, Simone-Élise Girard, Vincent Leclerc and Frank Schorpion, played in the series.

The announcement of the end of the TV series obviously disappointed its artisans, including author Louise Penny.

“I am shocked and overwhelmed,” she wrote on Facebook, noting that The Village of Three Pines had been the most viewed series on Prime Video in the US, Canada and the UK since it went live.

“As with any series, there were some things that needed tweaking but it was going to be fine. improving. And we had Alfred Molina as Gamache! Alfred was deeply invested in the series.”

It should be noted that Armand Gamache is not retiring for all that. Louise Penny recently indicated in another Facebook post that she had started writing the next novel about the adventures of her famous inspector.