The virtual expands

Le virtuel s’agrandit

The project virtual of Daniel Boucher, Boucane live, is growing. After having presented himself to the solo shows, the musician is expanding its platform to other artists.

Daniel Boucher has to go his creativity during the confinement. Live from his home in the gaspé, the musician has presented the series of shows virtual Four Thursdays in your Home (a fifth show has been offered in additional last Thursday).

“We realized that the emotion came among the people,” he said. And we also get the emotion of the people. The formula is of course different from a traditional show, but I find it well amazing. “

A few days ago, Daniel Boucher has announced that Anthony Roussel will occur on the platform Smoke on-line for his own show, on 8 July, 20-h.

“Anthony is a singer-songwriter that we do not know enough, according to me,” said Daniel. It is a friend, and he is signed with Boucane Bleue [her record label]. “

The P’tit Coucou

Daniel Boucher hopes that other artists will want to perform virtual through its platform. The musician has also launched the initiative ” Le P’tit Coucou, where users can pay to have a video session completely private in his company.

“I’ve done a few over the weekend and I experienced something that I had never experienced to date. It is a time of absolutely exclusive. I hope that we are going to do much. “

For the details on Smoke live, we go to the

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