The virus circulation is increasing in France

La circulation du virus augmente en France

France had Tuesday 208 outbreaks of coronavirus that are currently active, according to the Directorate-general of health, which notes that “the circulation of the virus is increasing”.

Since the may 9, 547 cases grouped (clusters) were detected, but 339 are closed, reports to the Directorate-general of health.

On Monday, the French minister of Health, Olivier Veran, had mentioned, “between 400 and 500 clusters”, particularly in the Mayenne, in Britain and in the far East. “There are worrisome signs of a reversal of the epidemic on the national territory,” he recalled, although “at this stage we are very far from the second wave”.

In detail, on these 208 homes that are still active, and 66 are considered as “controlled”, which means that the follow-up of contacts is ongoing and that there are no new cases for 7 days after the last known, said the ministry of Health to AFP.

A cluster is defined by the occurrence of at least three confirmed or probable, in a period of 7 days, in individuals who belong to the same community or who have participated in the same rally.

Clusters closed means that no new case has been found to be “14 days after the date of the beginning of the signs of the last case and the end of the quatorzaine of all the contacts”.

“The virus circulation is increasing on the national territory”, which includes “an increase in the number of appeals to the SOS doctors [doctors who move to the home], going to the emergency room, the number of clusters, and new hospitalizations,” according to the DGS.

The epidemic of COVID-19 has made 13 new deaths in the hospital since Monday in France, but the general balance sheet has been reduced after correction of the number of deaths in the long-term care facilities, bringing the total of victims in 30 165, according to the Directorate-general of health.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 19 649 people died in hospital and 10 516 in retirement homes (Ehpad). A previous balance sheet included 10 541 deaths in long-term care facilities.

All in all, 6482 people are hospitalized for an infection in the COVID-19, of which 455 in the icu, 12 less than on Monday.

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