The virus of false news: the internet has become a veritable Wild West in the time of a pandemic

Le virus des fausses nouvelles: internet est devenu un véritable Far West en temps de pandémie

The false news and other conspiracy theories related to the COVID-19 have spread as quickly on the web than the virus itself across the world.

To such an extent that the world health Organization (WHO) has even used the term ” infodémie “, a contraction of the words information and pandemic, to describe the phenomenon.

The Journal has prepared for you a compilation of some of these false news, revised by teams of verifications of the facts of several organizations, such as the AFP, to Screen the Désinfo of the Fédération professionnelle des journalistes du Québec and the deployment descriptors of Radio-Canada.

Of the leaders who throw oil on the fire

Some international leaders and celebrities all over have adopted the narrative of the supporters of the false news by minimizing or simply negating the effects of the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

Such behavior has had the effect of amplifying the crisis in these countries and give ammunition to the ” infodémie “.

“It is certain that if politicians share false news or false information, it comes to reinforce the comments of some who adhere to it already. It gives them some weight in their argument, ” explains Marie-Eve Carignan, a professor in the Department of communication at the University of Sherbrooke.

Donald Trump – United States

From the beginning of the crisis, the us president has minimized the impacts of the COVID-19 and multiplied declarations controversial.

Its activist base, often closely linked to the theses complotistes, has made the revel of this attitude of the president, even going so far as to say that the global pandemic was a conspiracy aimed to deport Donald Trump to the White House.

“Donald Trump has never been an ally to science. It is not more to the pandemic. He has his beliefs, he propagates a lot of false news in several sectors, ” said Rémi Quirion, chief scientist of Québec.

Boris Johnson – Great Britain

Other officer who has minimized the effect of the coronavirus in the beginning of the crisis, it took time to put in place containment measures.

In fact, in march, the british prime minister had even raised the possibility that the country would “take [the virus] on the chin with a single blow” to develop some herd immunity, an idea quickly pushed to the back of the hand by the local health authorities.

The speech of Boris Johnson has finally changed the day he contracted the virus at the end of march, is finding himself even admitted to icu for a few days.

Jair Bolsonaro – Brazil

Chairman of right from the same mould as Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro has continued to deny the harsh consequences of the COVID-19 even if his country had fallen into a major crisis.

At the end of April, so that the cap of 5000 dead was past, the president is allowed to answer a “so what ?” feel to the response of a journalist on the balance sheet. “What do you want me to do “, he added.

Since then, Bolsonaro was pushed toward the exit of its minister of Health and the Brazil is one of the most affected countries in the world with more than 955 377 confirmed cases as of Thursday.

The figure could be higher, according to experts, due to the low number of tests.

Green and not ripe

Bleach and disinfectant

The world health Organization (WHO) has added these products to its web page “to finish with the ideas received” after the us president, Donald Trump had launched this line : “I see that the disinfectant knocks him out [of the virus] in a minute. A minute. And is there a way to do something like this with an injection to the inside or almost like a cleaning ? “

Mr. Trump had then stated that his remarks had been seized out of context, but it was too late.

Fearing that people try to cure themselves or protect themselves from the virus by consuming products that are hazardous to their health, WHO and the manufacturer Lysol have quickly issued warnings ” because of the activity on social networks “.

Orange peel and chili peppers

An English language publication that has been circulating on Facebook was that this recipe rather particular to guard against the virus.

Shared more than 44,000 times, false information advised to boil them in the water of the orange peel and the powder of cayenne, and then breathing in the fumes that emanated.

It boasted the effectiveness of the method to eliminate the mucus, presented wrongly as the place where hid the virus.

Potion of artemisia

The president of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina.

The plant artemisia has virtues that are proven against malaria, but the world health Organization (WHO) has promptly notified that no study credible was introduced to him of the virtues against the coronavirus, contrary to what said the president of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina.

The drink has done so much talking that other fake news connected are born.

One of them claimed that the president of madagascar had refused offers from the WHO, China or the United States to poison his tea-cure, while another assured him that Russia had supplied also in artemisia.

The mask and the lack of oxygen

The subject of wearing a mask that has been raised with the proposal by some experts to make it compulsory, the false news surrounding this one have begun to circulate.

The more leathery ? The mask cause hypoxia, a decrease in the rate of oxygen in the blood.

“Some people drive their car with the mask, which is very dangerous, because stale air can cause us to lose consciousness to the driver,” says the same publication alarmist displaying the signature of a certain “Dr. Dennis Castro,” in an attempt to increase the credibility.

The expert opinion is, however, contrary. In fact, the mesh of the tissue masks shall in no circumstances prevent the movement of gases such as oxygen, allowing only minimize the dispersion of liquid droplets.

4 falsehoods about Bill Gates

 Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has become in recent months a perfect target for the supporters of the conspiracy theory. Here are a few examples of false news that have circulated about her.

1 – He wants to take advantage of the vaccine to implant a microchip the population


This myth has been discredited since April. He came from a session of questions and answers organized by Gates foundation on the social network Reddit, where the billionaire has discussed the issue of a “digital certificate” that would demonstrate that has been tested or who has been vaccinated, for example.

Three days later, a video posted by a baptist church in Florida with this theory distorted was seen by over 2 million people, the news spread like a wildfire.

2 – He wants to eliminate 15% of the population with the vaccines


In the case of this novel, it is the truncated talks of Bill Gates during an interview that were all triggered.

Addressing the rapid growth of the population, the philanthropist said that it was possible to slow it down by 10 % to 15 %, among other factors, whether the development of effective vaccines is ongoing.

But when cut or badly translated, his comments suggest that he wants to reduce the entire population of 10 % to 15 %.

Apply these remarks to the crisis of the sars coronavirus and the urgency of developing a vaccine and you’ll have a perfect false news which spread quickly.

Much more than a photo editing has also circulated online showing a building of the foundation of the couple Gates tricked out with the inscription “Center for global human population reduction” (Centre for the reduction of the global human population).

3 – He refused to vaccinate his children


A text saying that the children of Bill Gates would not be vaccinated circulating online since few years.

It cites a doctor who would have treated the family to Seattle in the 1990s… without ever having to appoint the said health care professional.

The woman of the billionaire, Melinda Gates, has already refuted this theory in April 2019, saying on his page Facebook that ” her three children had been vaccinated “.

4 – He had predicted the pandemic of the COVID-19


This idea comes from a simulation that was held in the year 2019 in New York, called ” Event 201 “.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation collaborated in the organization of the event, where the link with Gates, who had also dealt with the risk of a large pandemic in 2015 at a conference.

These two events unrelated to the COVID-19 have been sufficient to feed tons of theories linking the philanthropist to the spread of the disease to its own interests.

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