The virus will eventually “disappear”: Donald Trump persists and signs

Le virus finira par «disparaître»: Donald Trump persiste et signe

While the number of infections with the coronavirus rages in the United States, Donald Trump has defended his argument that the disease would eventually “disappear”, by saying it was opposed to the idea of imposing the wearing of the mask at the national level.

“I have reason in the end. You know, I said : “it’s going to disappear.” I will say it again,” said the us president in an interview with Fox News Sunday, which aired Sunday.

“It’s going to disappear, and I have reason,” he insisted.

More than 60 000 new cases of the Covid-19 have been registered in the country in 24 hours, according to the counting on Saturday, from the Johns Hopkins university, to approximately 3.7 million the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

For the american president, “a lot of these cases (the new ED) are young people which will cure in a day”.

“They have a runny nose and it recognizes it as a test (…). Many of these cases should not even have to be the case”, he estimated, explaining the disparity in the figures with Europe, where the number of infections has dropped significantly, by the number of tests.

“They do not track not. They do not track no”, he launched.

As for the mortality rate, the president said that his country had “one of the lowest, perhaps the lowest in the world”, which is challenged by some experts.

Be willing to ask the port of the mask at the national level in an attempt to stem the pandemic, while several cities and States have made it mandatory in public places?

“No, I want people to have a degree of freedom (…) and I’m not agree with the assertion that if everyone puts on a mask everything will disappear”, he answered.

The billionaire republican is very reluctant to wear a mask and only appeared once in public with this protection.

Before, “everybody said “do not mask”, suddenly everyone has to wear a mask, and as you know the masks cause problems also. That said, I believe the masks. I think that the masks, it is well,” he said.

The United States deplore up here 140 000 deaths due to the coronavirus.

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