“The Voice”: Denoncourt spices up the live

«The Voice”: Denoncourt spices up the live


The live broadcasts of La Voix have a special flavor this season, because the production did not call on anyone other than Serge Denoncourt for the staging of the various numbers. Its main purpose is to stimulate and enrich the stage presence of the contestants and guests during the last four live broadcasts. 

“I'm not here to add nonsense,” he explained in an interview. I try to accompany the artists in their artistic approach, and to stage the atmosphere, the emotion and the visual of their song. I don't add too much stuff, I focus more on the light, the environment and on the direction of the performers.”

All this staging work is, of course, prepared jointly with director Jill Niquet-Joyal. “The main idea is to create emotion, and not necessarily the 'wow'.”

Last year, Serge Denoncourt presented a carte blanche number at a gala of Star Académie. His work is completely different this time around. “For the carte blanche, I had fun with a repertoire that I like. To The Voice,I accompany the candidates and I stage their universe, not mine. Arrived at the direct, we know that they have beautiful voices, this subject is settled. Now, how do I make the visual, the coating and the interpretation take them further? It’s the musical director who comes into play.”

Relying on the narrative

Denoncourt first looked at what is being done everywhere else, whether at the Grammys, the Victoires de la Musique or in England, to build the trends for the season. “Everything becomes more graphic on TV. Filling the frame is no longer necessary, we focus more on what we put in the frame. There was a whole reflection, but we must not dream either, we must remain within the codes of the show, which nevertheless have the right to evolve. It's really exciting.”

And since he works with up-and-coming artists, consultation and exchange are essential. “I'm not trying to erase the personalities of the candidates, we work together. I don't want to unify the numbers. We saw it last Sunday, we travel from one universe to another throughout the evening. Candidates were allowed to say if they hated it, but they seem pretty happy.”

Stay relevant

Working with young people artists to push them to surpass themselves, that's what Serge Denoncourt has been doing for years. “I also give them little lessons in interpretation, intensity, presence and charisma. I think that's why the production called me. I do a little coachingadditional. At 20, they don't necessarily know their limits, I push them to surpass themselves.”

If the director loves being in contact with the young generation, it is because he gets a freshness from them that prevents him from aging. “I am 60 years old and there, I am in contact with young people who are 18-20 years old, am I still relevant, do I understand them, can I highlight them ? It seems so. It's easy for a guy my age to keep up with his times by hanging out with younger people. If I was doing my uncle's business, they'd tell me right away.”

A busy schedule

In addition to live broadcasts from La Voice, Serge Denoncourt works on a host of projects around the world. “I have a show playing in France, another project in development there. I also have a project for Rome and another for Broadway.”

He is also directing the musical Hair, which will be presented this summer in Montreal. , on the occasion of the Just for Laughs festival.

“I am very excited to put on this show. I find it interesting to see young people who are almost going to play their grandparents and who ask the question: did this revolution work? And the answer is no. But it's interesting to see what's left of that. In addition, the music is good, we will be thrilled throughout the show.”

The quarter-finals of La Voix continue this Sunday, at 7:30 p.m., on TVA.