“The Voice”: from radio to song

“The Voice”: from radio to song


Host of a daily newspaper at Rouge FM, Julie Saint-Pierre surprised everyone when she arrived on the set of blind auditions for “La Voix” on Sunday evening.&nbsp ;

Participant in “Mixmania” in 2002, she tries her luck in another singing competition, 21 years later, but not for the same reasons.

“I don't come not to “La Voix” in the hope of becoming a singer, she explained in an interview. I am very well in my life. I host on the radio every day, it's my job, and I hope to never stop doing that. It is above all a personal decision to do me good, to prove things to me, in addition to assuming the singer that I am.

What she likes to do the most in the world is to sing on television, and the show is a good springboard to satisfy this pleasure. “Maybe because that’s what I experienced first. It also brings together passions such as media, communications and music. On the other hand, the older I get, the greater the stress before performance, and I hope to have the opportunity to learn how to better manage my stress.”

Marc Dupré, Marjo and Mario Pelchat supported turned around during his performance of “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette. “I tried not to have expectations. I would have liked all four chairs to turn around at the same time, but it's not that important in the end. However, I knew that no coach would recognize me singing, they don't know that voice. But knowing that, that they are three to turn their chair, it is very rewarding.

The mother of two children has joined the team of Marc Dupré, whom she has known for several years. “With him, I knew I would be safe during this experience, I had this feeling that I would feel good. Beyond that, I saw in his eyes that he was surprised to see me there, but I also felt that he understood all the path that led me to be on this stage. It touched me and I felt validated.”

All options are now open for Julie Saint-Pierre, whose only objective is to reach at least one live to live a complete experience. “We will see what will happen before or after, I remain very open. Above all, I wish myself to be well, to be welcomed by the public, and I also hope to continue to learn about myself.”

And if she won this edition of “La Voix”, would she be ready to make an album, a tour, to embrace a career as a singer? “I think we could find a formula, something that I could be comfortable in and that would represent me. Whether it's if I win the final or if someone offers me something afterwards, if it works with who I am and what I want to give, why not. I don't want to limit myself.”

Jay, 24, Montreal

Arrived in Quebec at the age of 18, Jay took a long time to find his voice. “At one point, I wrote a song in Creole. There was no room for imitation then. I realized that it was with this voice that I had to express myself. It was surprisingly by writing in my first language that I was able to achieve all of this.” It then clicked that he had everything he needed to start a career in music. If the four coaches looked back on his interpretation of “Stand Up”, Marc Dupré was however blocked by Mario Pelchat, and it was in Corneille's team that he chose to live this adventure. “I recognize myself in him. We don't have the same story at all, but we experienced a bit the same uprooting. We didn't have the chance to grow up with our parents. I lived with my aunt in Haiti until I came to Quebec to live with my father. My mother, I don't really know her.”

Évodia, 22 years old, Quebec

After being in the top 30 of “Star Académie” last year, Évodia wanted to continue its momentum by subscribing to “La Voix”. “I've been making music forever, but I didn't think I could go any further. Participating in “La Voix” is like the start of something for me.” When she was younger, she sang in her living room with a plastic microphone while dreaming of a great career. “I said I was going to be a singer one day. It's like a dream that is taking shape little by little and I'm starting to believe in it more and more.” In an attempt to seduce the coaches, she took over the song “Hell”, by Stromae, which talks about suicide. “The first time I listened to it, I thought I could have written it. Singing it, I always find this initial emotion. This is my truth, and probably the truth of many people who have heard me.” University, rugby player, bubbly, her message is that we should not be attached to appearances. “You never know what people are going through. We can seem busy and happy, but when we go home alone, it's not going well, our head is playing tricks on us. If she chose to continue the adventure with Corneille, it is above all because of her humanity. “What I like about Corneille is all his background, as an artist and as a person. Her sensitivity comes to join me.”

Nadia-Lyse Perrone, 76 years old, Montreal

The oldest candidate in the history of “La Voix”, Nadia-Lyse Perrone is proud to have succeeded. “I do this for my granddaughter Annabelle. Her dream is to take part in the show “Rvolution”. She takes dance lessons, but it takes courage and perseverance. She sometimes gives up. I told her that one day Grandma was going to do something that would surprise her. Over the decades, she has been able to record 45s, participate in the program “Jeunesse d'Aujourd'hui”, and sing in many cabarets and song boxes. “I worked with Yuki Rioux, Mitsou's mother, Stéphane Venne and I even played at Gilles Latulippe's Théâtre des Variétés. I had moments of downtime, I did shows with friends. Recently, I sang at “C la Boîte à Chantal”, the cabaret of impersonators of Chantal Robert. For me, it was magnificent, I started singing again at 71. She already feels confident with her coach Marjo, the only one who turned around for her. “Marjo is simple, his welcome touched me a lot. I was touched.” Being at “La Voix”, she has the impression of coming full circle, but not completely. “Let me sing again”, as Alice Roby said, because I like it and I feel good on stage. I will continue to sing as much as possible, always being proud of myself.”

Team recruits:

Team Corneille

< p>Christa Maria Abou Akl, 20, Montreal

Jay, 24, Montreal

Évodia, 22, Quebec

Team Marc Dupré

Julie Saint-Pierre, 37 years old, Montreal

Ariane Simard, 18 years old, Gatineau

Team Marjo

Will, 25 years old, Drummondville

Nadia-Lyse Perrone, 76 years old, Montreal

Team Mario Pelchat

Dominic Lafond, 41 years old, Sainte-Thérèse

Mathieu-Philippe Perras, 33, Montreal< /p>