“The voice of the country 10” made Tina Karol ardently jealous Dan Balan: “Crazy”

"Голос країни 10” заставил Тину Кароль пылко ревновать Дана Балана: "Сумасшедшая"

Tina and Dan Balan, screenshot from video

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Sunday, January 19, on channel 1+1 was launched on the anniversary season of the vocal show “voice of the country “. Viewers saw the first issue of “battle of the ages”.

Traditionally, the show started with the “blind auditions”. Remained unchanged and lead is Katya Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov.

But before that, came on stage first participant, coaches Tina Karol, Dan, Potap and Nastya Kamensky and Monatic presented a rousing and unexpected collaboration, a rehash of the hit Billy Als “Bad guy”.

As noted in the first issue of Tina Karol, she and the other coaches promise to make the anniversary season the most passionate.

"Голос країни 10” заставил Тину Кароль пылко ревновать Дана Балана: "Сумасшедшая"

The voice of the country in season 10, a screenshot from the video

Be the first to conquer the judges went 23-year-old Alexander calenda from Zhitomir. He introduced himself as a musician novice and loudly began to sing “Coco Jamboo”- hit group Mr President. Turned all the coaches.

“Immediately felt a note of the fact”, – said Dan. Despite the beliefs of each judge, Kalenda went to the team of Mantica.

Next on stage came the modern Hutsul. Sergey novel came from Transcarpathia, the village of Nativity. And he sang a Ukrainian folk song that touched Tina. She first turned his chair to him.
Monatic said that the 10th season of “the Voice of the country ” magical, so the magic he felt in his voice. Dima came out on stage and sang along.

"Голос країни 10” заставил Тину Кароль пылко ревновать Дана Балана: "Сумасшедшая"

Sergey novel, a screenshot from the video

“There is a man who is an example to me my whole life. I look at her the way… I’ll choose Monetica”, – Sergey has decided, despite the fact that he wanted to his team all the coaches.

Broke loud applause participant from Russia. Vasilisa Starshova arrived in Kiev from St. Petersburg. More than a year she was a member of the group of Sergey Shnurova “Leningrad”.

"Голос країни 10” заставил Тину Кароль пылко ревновать Дана Балана: "Сумасшедшая"

Vasilisa Starshova, screenshot from video

But decided to conquer the world, starting with Ukraine.

She is the author of: writing songs and music. Therefore, as the singer said, it’s time to open up as a solo performer. She sang the song Avril Lavigne “Complicated”.

Immediately she was approached Dan and began to dance and hug. In the face of Tina Karol, it was evident that this situation confused the singer.

Starshova behaved, frankly, very bold and somewhat brazen. Therefore, not surprisingly, turned to her all the coaches. To choose a mentor, Vasilisa staged battle between star coaches.

“I choose the tip of the audience”, – said Russian woman.

“Crazy”, commented Tina. In addition, she admitted to feelings for Baleno.

“Yes, I’m jealous”, said Carol.

Most interesting is that his trainer Vasilisa chose Dan Balan. So this season really be the most passionate. Likely, the audience will see many more unexpected moments in the show.

Recall, 16 January in Kiev was held the presentation of the anniversary season of “the Voice 10”. Read, who decided to conquer the Ukrainian scene in the main battle of the ages.

Also Know As.ia reported that Nastya Kamensky showed in the video as having fun in faraway Mexico.

and Tina showed fans a new hot photo shoot where she appeared in a quite attractive and seductive manner.

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