The vote by correspondence is conducive to fraud, ” says Barr

Le vote par correspondance propice à la fraude, affirme Barr

The american minister of Justice said Sunday that the vote by correspondence opened “the floodgates” to fraud, echoing the claims of Donald Trump of concern to democrats, at least five months of the presidential election.

“When the governments of the States are beginning to adopt these practices, such as voting by mail, that opens the floodgates to a possible fraud, then the confidence of the people in the result of the election is undermined,” said William Barr in an interview on Fox News.

“And this could lead the country to a situation that is very bleak if we lose confidence in the outcome of our elections “, has he hammered. Because “one of our advantages, especially with the divisions is intense, in this country, it is that we have peaceful transitions of power” through elections.

These statements, which reflect those made in recent weeks by Donald Trump and other officials of the White House, worried about the democrats who suspect the us president of wanting to discredit the presidential election of November 3, in case of defeat.

The question of voting by correspondence is at the heart of the organization of the next us presidential election, given the risk that the pandemic of the COVID-19 is still active to this date.

Donald Trump has said several times that the voting by correspondence was necessarily ” fraudulent “, which prompted Twitter to report in may for the first time, one of his tweets as being misleading.

The u.s. president, however, has voted by correspondence from the White House, for the republican primaries in march. Just as his spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany, who has done it a dozen times, according to the american media, while she also criticized the initiatives to extend the right to vote by correspondence .

Many american States allow voting by mail for years and have not reported major problems, aside from isolated incidents. Studies have shown that he was not particular to one party or the other in the United States.

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