The vulnerable families will be able to leave temporarily their place

Les familles vulnérables pourront laisser temporairement leur place

To avoid losing their place in child care, vulnerable families in the COVID-19 will leave temporarily their place to another child.

Some parents who fear for their health or that of their child not wishing to return to their daycare in the short term because of the epidemic.

The minister of the Family, Mathieu Lacombe, has already announced that the places will be maintained until 1 September. It should be noted that parents should, however, start to pay their contribution as of June 22, outside the Greater Montreal and 13 July in the hot zone of metropolitan france.

To keep their place after 1 September, families in poor health may enter into an agreement with their daycare for another toddler to be able to take their place for a period of time, one can read in a newsletter of the ministry of the Family for the network of early childhood.

A return date of attendance to be recorded. To this date, the parent who has decided to keep his small home will have three choices: “bring back her child […], to permanently remove her child […] or negotiate a new agreement with the guard service to extend the absence of the child”.

In this document obtained by our parliamentary Bureau, the government pointed to the educational childcare services to the children that they must “ensure a occupation proper and optimal use of the subsidies”.

Remember that places in childcare facilities are scarce, while Quebecers have gradually been returning to work after confinement. At the present time, more than 45 000 children are waiting for a place in a daycare subsidized.

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