The Walking Dead is soon to end ? On the contrary, Scott Gimple has ideas to overcome the comics

The Walking Dead bientôt la fin ? Au contraire, Scott Gimple a des idées pour dépasser les comics

The Walking Dead is soon to end ? On the contrary, Scott Gimple has ideas to overcome the comics

The end of The Walking Dead approach-does it last ? Not at all. While the second part of season 10 is expected in a few weeks on AMC in the US and the OCS in France, Scott Gimple has entrusted to them his desire to go beyond the comics of Robert Kirkman. Attention spoilers.

As the years pass, and less The Walking Dead is watched, the fault of actors who go regularly and intrigues drawn unnecessarily in length. However, the dislike of the public vis-à-vis the series of the AMC does not seem to worry many people in the offices.

Not of danger to the series

On the contrary, Scott Gimple – supervisor of the license, told EW : “there’s no timetable [for a purpose]. We continue to move forward. There is still a lot of stories to tell“. Where the comic by Robert Kirkman – the origin of the series, came to an end last year, the producer sees a strangely in this conclusion a door to other plots.

The last issue of the comic can be read as a pilot. There are a ton of other stories to tell,” he stated. And he admitted that the fate of the show was not entirely in his hands, “the moment that the public wants a sequel, we will be there to tell your story. It should be on the same page“, he quickly recalled his urge to not to put a final end to this fiction.

Never end ?

When asked about the end that he would consider for The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple was not in a hurry to get there : “it May be that we will never have to ask the question because the series will continue again and again“. A note that ready to smile, but that was not a joke. Between the introduction of a second spin-off this year, and the preparation of a trilogy of films, it seems obvious that The Walking Dead remains a brand that is very important for AMC, regardless of the bad reviews current.

Courage ! Your sacrifice before this series will be rewarded one day…

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