The Walking Dead : many dead characters back soon for special episodes ?

The Walking Dead : de nombreux personnages morts bientôt de retour pour des épisodes spéciaux ?

The Walking Dead : many dead characters back soon for special episodes ?

The year has just begun and we already know who to assign the title of “the most poor idea for a series.” Scott Gimple has been announced, it is in the process of work on the return to the display of dead characters in The Walking Dead. Attention spoilers.

The dead soon return ?

We learned last week, the producers of The Walking Dead have no intention of stopping the series in spite of hearings, catastrophic, and negative reviews. Worse, they imagine even going beyond comics drawing on the latest insights of Robert Kirkman to further extend the story.

What to understand that bad ideas are never scared to the creative team of the fictional horror of AMC and that anything can happen on the screen ? Quite. And Scott Gimple – producer of the universe TWD to the tv, told EW, of the ideas unnecessary, and WTF, it has it in spades : “I try to think about different things that we could show in the course of the year, focusing on characters that we miss and that we have lost“.

New ideas for stories

Scott Gimple speaks well to bring back to life dead characters. But be careful, don’t worry, not in any way : “It would be for stories that take place in our universe, but which have nothing to do with the rest. Nothing to do with the series or the movies. It would simply be a matter of small tales of zombies that would take place in our world with our rules, our chronologies. Stories cool about the end of the world.

And then, when asked more precisely about the possibility to see these stories, bonus used to offset some blanks, some gaps about the characters involved (Carl, Glenn, Abraham…), the producer said : “this is exactly what we want to do. (…) It is great to be able to play with characters that we have lost and to be able to fill in the gaps left“.

You have understood, it will not, therefore, still not this year that the creators of The Walking Dead will focus to FINALLY achieve a good season of the series. What do our unhappiness – we will still suffer in front of our screen, but to the joy of Chandler Riggs. The ex-performer Carl has immediately taken advantage of this announcement to signify his interest on Twitter…

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