The Walking Dead : Negan in the future films of Rick and hero of a film solo ?

The Walking Dead : Negan dans les futurs films de Rick et héros d'un film solo ?

The Walking Dead : Negan in the films of Rick + a movie solo ?

The relative withdrawal of the Negan plot of this first part of the season 10 of The Walking Dead has allowed Jeffrey Dean Morgan to reflect on his future in the franchise. And obviously, the actor is ready to integrate different projects movies on AMC. Attention spoilers.

The first part of the season 10 of The Walking Dead may be over, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan did not yet want to turn the page. A few days ago, the interpreter of Negan has organized a small session of questions/answers with fans on Twitter to talk about the series and of the future.

Negan in the films of Rick ?

Among these questions, a user had the good idea to ask it, “are you in contact with Andrew Lincoln [Rick]. He expressed his desire to come back ?“, what the actor replied, “Yes, I am in contact with. But we don’t really talk about work, just family“.

Why is it important as a response ? It has just inspired another fan to ask this : “Would you like to join the future movies, The Walking Dead, with him ?” Response of the interested person : “Oh yeah ! But I do not know what is intended with these films. Like you, I’m waiting to learn more about the films around Rick Grimes“.

A spin-off centered on Negan ?

Above all, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has reiterated his dream to be the hero of his own movie. While the bosses of the AMC have recently announced their desire to expand the universe of The Walking Dead through different projects, the actor said : “I already have my own idea for possible films. I’m holding still for a story on Negan, inspired by the comic by Robert Kirkman. I’d love to turn it. I’d love to, I’d love to, I’d love to“.

For those of you who have forgotten, there is actually a short comic derivative of The Walking Dead titled ‘Here’s Negan’, which traces the history of a great villain before his meeting with Rick. And it is this that inspired his interpreter. His desire to be heard ? Follow.

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