The Walking Dead season 10 : a terrible revelation in episode 5, a cult figure soon to be killed ?

The Walking Dead saison 10 : terrible révélation dans l'épisode 5, un personnage culte bientôt tué ?

The Walking Dead season 10 : a terrible revelation in episode 5, a cult figure soon to be killed ?

The episode 5 of season 10 of The Walking Dead does it prepare us for the worst with the death of a new character ? It is possible. At the turn of a conversation with Siddiq, Ezekiel has made an unexpected revelation. Attention spoilers.

In the comics, The Walking Dead, Ezekiel is part of the survivors decapitated by the Whisperers. Yet, as we discovered in episode 15 of season 9 of the series, the character played by Khary Payton has escaped this tragedy during the adaptation of this sequence. The ex-lover Carol would it be so immune to death ? Maybe not…

Ezekiel cancer

On the occasion of the episode 5 of season 10 aired this Sunday, November 3 on AMC (USA) and OCS (France), Ezekiel has made a terrible revelation to Siddiq, worried for his health : he is suffering from thyroid cancer for almost a month. And unfortunately, the disease seems to evolve quickly.

Anything to disrupt the hero ? Not really : “I know what it is. I saw my grandfather go through it, and then my father. The pain, the cough, the swelling… I have seen them fight and defeat [the cancer]. Did you know that there is a 98% chance to survive this cancer ?

Not a miracle ?

However, don’t expect a happy ending miracle for Ezekiel. Despite his experience in the face of this disease and the good statistics, he later recalled : “It was a different era. That of witchcraft, with the chemo, therapies with radioactive iodine, the thyroïdectomies. Now… we both know what it means“.

Yes, Ezekiel is destined to die and he is at peace with this idea. Well, almost. If it is not yet known at what time the cancer will show unbearable for him, which would probably force him to make a terrible decision, we already know that he does not dare to talk to Carol. And this future confrontation promises to be even more painful than the rest.

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