The Walking Dead season 10 : Rick be back soon in the series ? “The door is open”

The Walking Dead saison 10 : Rick bientôt de retour dans la série ? "La porte est ouverte"

The Walking Dead season 10 : Rick be back soon in the series ? “The door is open”

While The Walking Dead is facing rumors of cancellation in the next 2 years, the fault hearings to a catastrophic in season 10, Angela Kang (the showrunner) would prefer to be positive and dream of a future return to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) in the series. Attention spoilers.

Rick back in The Walking Dead ?

The departure of Michonne of The Walking Dead will mark the end of the hope to see Rick Grimes come back in the series ? Not at all if one relies on the about Angela Kang (the showrunner) in the course of a long interview with Deadline. While the character of Andrew Lincoln is supposed to be the hero of a trilogy of films, she has already shown itself ready to make it back to Daryl, Carol & cie.

After having entrusted it : “to Review Andrew Lincoln ? Not in this season 10“, Angela Kang was able to contain his hopes on this subject,But I would love to. (…) The door is always open. Andy, you can come back when you want. (…) This is a moment that speaks back to Andrew in order to accomplish something, but he wants to concentrate on his acting career“.

Maggie is already present in season 10 ?

A disappointment ? Maybe, but Angela Kang has other tricks up his sleeve to convince us not to abandon the series. The showrunner has said, this is Lauren Cohan – the interpreter of Maggie “will return as a regular in season 11“. Above all, this return to the forefront of Maggie, very much awaited by the fans, could even be put in place as soon as the second part of the season 10, which aired in 2020 on AMC and OCS : “You know, you may be able to review it before !

Of course, it didn’t add anything more about it (why ? how ? with what role ? what does it make ?), but it can make you hyper for the next year.

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