The Walking Dead season 10 : (SPOILER) death in episode 7, the actor reacts

The Walking Dead saison 10 : (SPOILER) mort dans l'épisode 7, l'acteur réagit

The Walking Dead season 10 : a death shock in episode 7

Shock in episode 7 of season 10 of The Walking Dead, which aired on Sunday 17 November on AMC in the United States and available in US+24 on OCS in France : a character who took an important place has been killed ! A death that was not expected at all… Caution, spoilers !

We no longer count the dead in The Walking Dead… After Carl, Tara, Enid, or even Henry, another character was killed in episode 7 of season 10, which was unveiled on Sunday 17 November on AMC (USA) and available on Monday 18 November 2019 on OCS in France. If you are not up to date, go on your way otherwise you are going to make a spoiler. As we did not expect at all to the death ! After having witnessed the death of many of his friends, killed and beheaded by Alpha and the Whisperers, Siddiq (Avi Nash) is a victim of post-traumatic stress disorder. And for good reason, Alpha was forced to watch and decided to leave life as he recounts what he has seen.

A death that was not expected

Anxiety attacks, lack of sleep, flashback horror… The father of Coco, the girl he was with Rosita, it can no longer perform its role of a doctor and loses the pedals for several episodes already. But, in this episode 7, it is the death of Sheryl, an old patient that he was in Alexandria, and an error of Dante, which will cost the life of the prisoner captured by Carol that will make the vase overflow.

The victim of a panic attack severe, he will jump into the river to calm down… and probably drown. Fortunately, Rosita manages to get out of there. After being assigned to it on the trauma he suffers from, he speaks to Dante. But Siddiq will realize that it is none other than the Chuchoteur who was forced to watch his friends die. It gets to him but Dante will kill him during the fight…

Avi Nash reacts to the death of his character, Siddiq

A twist that nobody saw coming ! Avi Nash, the interpreter of Siddiq, is income on the death of his character – that he learned in April – in an interview with Entertainment Weekly : “instead of being sad or full of regret about the death of Saddiq, I was delighted and excited to be in charge of a plot as important”. The one that arrived during the season 8 would not have been able to hope best role : “The writers have given me the gift of an adventure that had all the complexities of which I could even dream of”. He adds : “the role of an actor is to serve the story and, in the case of Siddiq, I would not have been able to have more luck.”

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