The Walking Dead season 10 : trailer, future of Michonne… all that we know about the following

The Walking Dead saison 10 : bande-annonce, futur de Michonne... tout ce que l'on sait sur la suite

The Walking Dead season 10 : clues on the departure of Michonne in episode 8 ?

Aired on the 24th of November 2019 on AMC, the final mid-season of season 10 of The Walking Dead leave fans with plenty of questions. Waiting for the return of the series on the 23rd of February, next, one makes the point on what we already know of this second part of the season, about Michonne (Danai Gurira), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), or Alpha (Samantha Morton) with as a bonus the trailer of the episode 9… Caution, spoilers !

After a winter break of several months, the war against the Whisperers will resume on the 23rd of February 2020 ! While the final mid-season of season 10 of The Walking Dead was aired on the 24th of November on AMC and the 25 on OCS in France, he left plenty of questions unanswered. Questions that are currently unanswered, but which the showrunner Angela Kang and the first images of the aftermath have provided some clues.

Review-t-on Michonne and Virgil ?

After a deal with Virgil, a new character played by Kevin Carroll, according to which Michonne takes it back home in exchange for several weapons, they all have two left Oceanside and headed for the Chesapeake bay and to the island Bloodsworth. While Danai Gurira was confirmed in July last he left the series after season 10, but many thought that this new character will have a role to play in the departure of Michonne. Will-t-she die ? Will it have the right to an open end like Rick ?

If you can see in the teaser Michonne aboard a boat, living, Angela Kang, the showrunneur, said that it will have to wait a bit before reviewing it : “We will come back to this story, but it will not be right away, not in the first episode of the season 10B. He’s going to spend a little time during which they will travel.” What is certain is that this will be its last episode…

Daryl, Carol, and their troupe will they survive ?

At the end of episode 8, the group led by Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) is in danger. Trapped by Alpha (Samantha Morton), they find themselves trapped in a cave full of zombies. If the first images of episode 9 show that Daryl, Carol or Aaron will get out of it, they are not reassuring to Jerry, in blood and stuck in a tunnel. Y aura-t-he of the dead ?

Other info revealed by the teaser of episode 9 : Gamma is going to have an important role in the war. In fact, one can see it in the room of the Council of Alexandria. Will she be the new Dwight ?

Negan is actually in the process of joining the ranks of the Whisperers ?

In the teaser of episode 9, we see Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) announce to Alpha than Gamma is the spy that she is looking for. Does he really join Alpha or is he trying to win her trust ? We would rather the 2nd option, then it can be seen alongside Gamma in other images… are they the allies against the leader of the Whisperers ?

Alpha will she lose the war ?

The war between the people of Alexandria and the Whisperers will be held in this 2nd part of the season, as announced by Angela Kang : “The border has been crossed on both sides. In both clans, there have been acts of war so now things are going to progress very, very quickly. It is going to happen to the great conflict between our people and the Whisperers. For this to happen fully during the second part of season 10 and we will see how it goes.”. An image is striking in this teaser : the Alpha is injured, the nose and brow bone to blood. But this does not mean that she is going to lose, or that there will be other deaths… We are preparing for the worst !

The Walking Dead : Michonne, Alpha, Negan… what do we know about the rest of the season 10 ?

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