The Walking Dead soon to be cancelled ? AMC would think of his end

The Walking Dead bientôt annulée ? AMC penserait à sa fin

The Walking Dead soon to be cancelled ? AMC would think of his end

Currently airing in the USA and in France (through OCS) with its season 10, The Walking Dead may soon exit the tv. According to the new rumor of the moment, AMC would think of more to cancel the series horror. Attention spoilers.

Soon the end of zombies ?

All good things have an end, even the bad. We leave it to you to classify The Walking Dead in the right category, but know one thing : this will not change anything to the rumor of the moment. According to the information revealed by the site We Got This Covered, its conclusion is approaching with great strides.

According to some sources, “the current ambition at AMC is making two new seasons [counting season 11 recently-ordered] before the close of the story [in season 12, 2022] and focus on spin-offs“. In fact, in addition to Fear, The Walking Dead, it was recently learned that another series spin-off, more teen than the previous ones, will be released in the spring of 2020.

A rumor credible

Attention, We Got This Covered the exact property, “the chain has still not taken a final decision” and it is only a rumor. However, the site assures its sources behind this info are the same as those which have informed the development of a spin-off of Arrow (which was confirmed) and a reflection around a suite of Aladdin (which was also announced).

In addition, the decision to finish with The Walking Dead would not be a surprise. Not only the story is approaching the end of the comics, the departures of key players one after another, and most of all… audiences are increasingly catastrophic. Also, if AMC doesn’t want to spoil the image of the franchise and wishes to give a real chance to his other projects (remember that a trilogy of films centered on Rick is still expected), the cancellation of the original series appears as a good decision.

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