The “wall of the moms to” protect the protesters in Portland

Le «mur des mamans» protège les manifestants à Portland

Bev Barnum never would have thought she would get such a result in posting the last week with a simple message on the internet to respond to the arrest of a protester by federal police officers in a street of Portland.

“It said something like: “I don’t know about you, but for me, I have never been” in it,” says AFP the mother of 35 years, who lives in Portland, the largest city of Oregon, in the north-west of the United States.

“I think we should do something. And if you had 100 moms behind you and they were doing the difference?” continued the message.

In just a few hours, his inbox was full of mothers packed by the proposal.

“Wall of mummies”

Since then, the activists of the last hour have formed “The wall of moms” and run down all the nights in the streets of Portland to swell the ranks of the protesters racists.

Dressed in yellow, wearing of bicycle helmets and brandishing sunflowers, hundreds of mothers stand with their arms to form a human barrier between the militants and the federal police deployed by president Donald Trump to restore “law and order”, according to his campaign slogan.

Some troubling signs, “angry as a mother” or “Leave our children alone”, in reference to the last words of George Floyd, middle-aged black asphyxiated at the end of may under the knee of a white policeman. After having begged the police officer and they complained of choking, George Floyd had called his mother for help.

“We do it for our children,” insists Shawn Roberts, a black mother surprised but delighted with the solidarity of its counterparts white.

“Moms get things moving”

“Moms get things moving,” says Mrs. Barnum. “It was full of caps different. For the moment, there is that of protective fierce”, said the one who has chosen the color yellow to ally with the black of Black Lives Matter, and remind the bees.

After having initiated the movement, Bev Barnum is said to have now passed the command of the “hive” to three black mothers in Portland, but his initiative has already inspired the “walls” that are similar in other cities of the country like New York and Chicago.

For Jayla Lindseth, a young black woman who manifests in the last eight weeks, the arrival of the “moms” made a difference. “Many of them have taken me in their arms and told me: “I’m your mom now, I am here for you.” It gives you strength,” she explains.

For its part, is by reading information on these amazing women that Zack Duffly had the idea of extending the movement to the fathers family, which was initially almost a joke started on Twitter.

It provides the AFP for several weeks, he feared too much police brutality for daring to go out in the street. He settled for making donations to racist organisations and to call local elected representatives to ask them to take action.

And then, he decided to take the plunge. “The reasons why it is dangerous are those who are doing that is important,” he says, speaking of”moral obligation”.

As the color of rallying, he chose the orange, which is often associated with products for men and equipment for diy, such as these leaf blowers that he has seen in Hong Kong, used by protesters to disperse tear gas.

Last Monday, on her first day of mobilization, with dozens of other fathers of the family, the lawyer has been unlucky. After having been chased by some of the federal police, the deployment of which in Portland is so controversial, he has been arrested and accused of disturbing public order.

This has not prevented a squad of “dads” to participate since then in each event night and rushing forward as soon as a tear gas canister explodes, doing hummed their leaf blowers.

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