The War of the Worlds : Eleanor Tomlinson (Amy) has been close to death on the set

La Guerre des Mondes : Eleanor Tomlinson (Amy) a frôlé la mort sur le tournage

The War of the Worlds : Eleanor Tomlinson plays Amy

After the series on Canal+, TF1 reveals this Monday, December 30, the british version of the War of The Worlds broadcast by BBC One in the uk. The cast of this new adaptation of the cult novel of H. G. Wells, we find Eleanor Tomlinson view in Poldark. The actress who embodies Amy said that he had been close to death on the set because… of his suit !

This is one of the novels, the cult science-fiction. Published in 1898, the War of The worlds has already been adapted to film in 2005 by Steven Spielberg with Tom Cruise in the lead role. In 2019, are not one, but two series that have been released : the version co-produced by Canal+ and FOX with Léa Drucker and Gabriel Byrne, and a version of the BBC who wants to be closer to the novel. It is this mini-series in three episodes that TF1 broadcasts on Monday 30 December from 21h05.

Eleanor Tomlinson has almost die because of his costume

Known for his roles in Poldark and The White Queen, Eleanor Tomlinson is one of the heroines of the War of The Worlds where she takes the role of Amy. The filming has not been easy for the star of 27 years. Interviewed in the show the Jonathan Ross Show, during the broadcast of the series in the Uk last November, the actress recalled a moment of freaking out of the shoot where she nearly died.

During one scene, his character had to save a child drowning. The film was shot in a swimming pool and Eleanor Tomlinson has been pretty handicapped by its holding time. “I had to dive and swim to save the child. This costume, when it’s wet, it takes the weight of the lead. I found myself sitting at the bottom of the pool to wait for the divers to come help me. I thought : ‘Oh my god, I think I’m going to die here’, “said the star. Fortunately, she was able to be rescued by the professionals present on site. More fear of evil so !

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