The War of the Worlds season 2 : soon a sequel for the series of Canal+ ?

La Guerre des Mondes saison 2 : bientôt une suite pour la série de Canal+ ?

The War of the Worlds season 2 : soon a sequel for the series of Canal+ ?

It is this Monday, November 18 that Canal+ broadcasts the final episodes of season 1 the War of The Worlds, his new original creation. What does mark the end of the series or launch a season 2 ? It tells you everything.

A season 2 for the War of The Worlds ?

The last episode of season 1 of War of The Worlds, the new original creation of Canal+, left you on the butt and you wait now with anticipation to discover the rest of the story ? Bad news, no season 2 has not yet been officially announced by the channel.

However, you don’t have to ruin in packages of handkerchiefs, this formalization could happen in a few days. On the occasion of an interview with Variety last October, Fabrice de la Patellière (producer of the entertainment Channel+) confessed to see far with this series : “The bet was to do a history extended over multiple seasons and not just a mini-series. We took the concept of the book and it has been used as a springboard to launch a series capable of telling stories over multiple seasons.

A work already begun

And in this regard, the site Variety, has even assured to have already had the confirmation that “the creative team has started the pre-production of a possible season 2, with the aim of further developing the format, although separate from the series“.

Same sound of bell on the side of Dauphiné. After having recalled that the filming of the series had taken place in the department of Isère, the site was unveiled : “This series of 8 episodes may well return in the Alps, and why not in Isère who knows… The season 2, we are told, is already in preparation…

You will have understood, if nothing is yet official about it, the plan is actually to push the War of The Worlds to go on for several seasons. It therefore remains to be hoped that the final hearings will be good enough to convince the world to continue the adventure.

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