The war of the worlds : we need to look at the series of Canal+ ?

La guerre des mondes : faut-il regarder la série de Canal+ ?

The war of the worlds : we need to look at the series of Canal+ ?

Already adapted several times in film or television, and the novel the war of The worlds by H. G. Wells is entitled to a new version. No, we’re not talking about by the BBC series but from the one produced jointly by FOX and Canal+. PRBK was able to see 6 of the 8 episodes of the series with Léa Drucker and Gabriel Byrne. Then, one mate or it zaps ? Check out our opinion without spoilers !

Published in 1898, the novel the war of The worlds by H. G. Wells is a major work of the literature of science fiction. Over the generations, it has been altered several times for the cinema and the tv, but the adaptation, the most significant certainly one of Steven Spielberg with Tom Cruise release in 2005. As this film, which moved the action in the modern world, the version tv of Canal+, which begins this Monday, October 28, from 21h plunges us into the nightmare…

The essential

Created by : Howard Overman.
With : Gabriel Byrne, Léa Drucker, Elizabeth McGovern, Adel Bencerif, Natasha Little and Daisy Edgar Jones.
Format : 8 episodes of 60 minutes.
Broadcast : every Monday at 21h on Canal+.

The pitch

Catherine Durand, an astrophysicist, note of amazing phenomena, and think that they have detected a transmission of data coming from a form of alien life. A few hours later, his doubts are confirmed when a rain of meteorites falls on Earth. The first attack is devastating, and a large part of the population dies. The survivors no longer have only one goal : to survive while being hunted down by these new and formidable enemies who want to annihilate the human population in its entirety.

The trailer for the war of The worlds Canal+

The survival before any

The alien invasion has fascinated more than ever by the public. And what a story it is best known in this domain as the war of The worlds ? The famous novel has a right to not one, but two adaptations in this end of 2019 : the version of the BBC which should be a faithful adaptation of the novel and that of Canal+. As for the film of 2005 with Tom Cruise, this version of the franco-british takes place in the modern world. If it is presented as a series of science-fiction (alien invasion forces), the war of The worlds is above all a series of deeply human, a survival in the The Walking Dead, the zombies in, unless, of course.

The action is split between France and England through several groups of characters, all more or less related to each other. Everyone is going to have to survive in this world that has become hostile where they are hunted, and where the threat is permanent. The opportunity to focus on characters from different backgrounds (the scientist university professor, the young migrant from arriving on british soil, or the single mother in the past complicated). Because the primary force of the war of The worlds, this is not its effects-special quasi-non-existent but this choice to focus on these characters. The opportunity also to ask a question to the viewers : and you, what would you do in the face of an alien invasion ? Would you be among the survivors or the victims ?

This War of the worlds version of Canal+ will not resume the letter, the mythology of the novel and prefers being detached. A choice that seems quite wise and intelligent. Over the episodes, we discover more about this side of the mythological and the alien threat remains all the same quite a few shown on the screen. A pity that the plot drags sometimes a bit in length…

In short : If the war of The worlds did of the work of H. G. Wells as its title, it turns out to be a series, gripping and scary. More survival than sci-fi, it works through its characters and its actors, and offers a vision interesting and the new part of the story.

La guerre des mondes : faut-il regarder la série de Canal+ ?

The war of the worlds : our opinion on the series of Canal+

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