The watch that will appeal to all Android users

The watch that all Android users will love


The giant Google wanted to cast a wide net by creating its first watch, the Pixel Watch. First, he created a one-size-fits-all watch (one size fits all), with a very classic look and it does not exclude no Android users or, if you prefer, there are no exclusive functions. 

For example, the heart rate feature will work regardless of the mobile device; a Pixel 6, a Samsung Z Flip 4 or a Microsoft Surface Duo 2. In addition, the bank of applications on the Play Store store is abundant. The only ones left out are Apple iOS device users.

With Fitibit watch features

In testing, the Google Pixel Watch automatically displays a number of notifications, which can be read by swiping up on the watch glass.

It integrates health and fitness apps in the shape of her Fitbit brand, a company she bought in January 2019. In this regard, many believe that the Fitbit company will disappear once it is swallowed by the giant Google (Alphabet), as is often the case when a small company is taken over by a conglomerate.

On the wrist for several days and nights, the watch offers pleasant dials, some even cheerful, and useful. Its use is a bit like that of its competitor, the Apple Watch.

The integration of Fitbit functions with those of Google is very successful. Google apps work smoothly and health tracking with Fitbit is still going strong.

A successful first Google Watch

Still in use, this Pixel watch looks more like its Apple Watch competitor. In other words, Google's Wear OS system on its Pixel Watch is surprisingly different from Samsung's watch system.

You'll love this Pixel watch if you're an Android user and even more so with a recent Pixel smartphone. The applications are also very numerous on the Google store.

It is possible to personalize this watch with different bracelets adapted to the circumstances; parties, sports, work, etc. New, this Pixel Watch comes with a very simple silicone strap.

What we like less, we end up noticing that the battery does not last as long as we would have liked. Also, the wristband lashing mechanism is not easy at first, although you will eventually understand it.

You must press this button before sliding the end of the wristband. To reattach it, you need to line it up with the button and press down on it before putting it back in place. You'll see, it's easier said than done.

As for the battery, you have the option of opting for an always-on screen, which will reduce battery life.

Interesting, however, is the Sunlight Boost function which increases the brightness of the screen to read the time in direct sunlight.

The more intensively you use the watch, the less the battery will last.

Function fall detection

On February 28, Google rolled out fall detection for all Google Pixel Watch users. Using motion sensors and on-device machine learning, the Pixel Watch is able to identify if users are taking a hard fall, and connect them with help if needed. < /p>


The basic Bluetooth and WiFi version costs $400. Adding 4G LTE cellular capability raises the price to $480, prices rounded.

Like Fitbit for its products, Google is offering six months of free Fitbit Premium subscription upon watch activation , which comes in four colors.

If you're looking for a made by Google smartwatch, this is the one for you. Pairing Google's Wear OS with a heavy dose of Google-owned Fitbit, this Pixel Watch has all the pre-installed lifestyle and fitness features you'd expect from a premium smartwatch, including calls and texting, mobile payments and smart home controls.