The water activities were the wind in the sails

Les activités nautiques ont le vent dans les voiles

Manufacturers of watercraft accuse a heavy delay in production because of the pandemic and ill-prepared to meet the great demand for the kayaks, boards and paddle pontoons.

“Our two factories roll 24 hours on 24 “, drops Frédéric Guay, vice president sales & marketing at Pelican International, a leading manufacturer of watercraft quebec.

The sanitary measures enacted by the government have forced the company to close its plants in Laval and de Valleyfield from 30 march to 11 may, the culmination of their period of production.

Despite the pandemic, Pelican International reports an increase in sales of boats “from 30% to 110 %” this season.

“It is completely crazy,” added Mr. Guay. Since the end of April, the frenzy does not stop. It has many more applications than it has capacity to produce. “

it is necessary to order in advance…

The controls of boats and marine accessories made months ago are struggling to arrive at retailers. On the website of the MEC or Sail, several brands are out of stock.

“Eight out of ten people who come to the store leave empty-handed because we don’t what they want, said Jean-François Haman, president of the boutique Kayak Junky. We ordered 15 articles, and it receives four. “

The store Mascouche has also had to lend a kayak to a client who had ordered hers while there was still snow.

“As her husband received his kayak, he was loaned one for the week, not that her holidays are ruined,” says Mr. Haman.

Out of stock

“It is virtually impossible to restock from the suppliers for the season,” confirmed to the Journal the communication team of the Sail, which identifies an enthusiasm is particularly high for water sports this summer.

Thomas Marine, a leading boat dealer in Quebec, has not seen such a craze for the nautical products for the past ten years.

“It was out of stock, especially for pontoons and fishing boats,” says the company.

Same thing on the side of Pomerleau Boats, to Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, whose inventory is almost empty “.

“Everything is going to be sold in a very short time, noted the head of marketing, Lisa Tremblay. It has not been able to resupply because of the COVID. It’s going to go to the end of August. “

“People do not travel, they stay at home,” she continues. The investment of travel going on in this kind of activities. “

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