The week after Easter 2019: traditions, signs and rituals

Find out what traditions are observed during Bright week after Easter 2019, and what signs you should pay attention

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Неделя после Пасхи 2019: традиции, приметы и обряды

The traditions and rituals of Bright week after Easter

The first week after Easter, which in 2019 falls on the period from 29 April to 5 may, in Orthodoxy, is called Bright week. What are the traditions observed during Easter week, and on what signs it is important to note, read our article.

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Bright week begins after Easter and lasts until Fomina Sunday. Among the Slavs the week after Easter has long been considered the beginning of the spring revival, renewal of life.

Bright week marks the joy of the Resurrection, defeated death, and the joy of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the main event, which became the basis of all Christian faith.

During Easter week there is no fasting, including on Wednesday and Friday, which in normal times are fast days.

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Believers usually try to spend more time in Church. All days during the Easter week in Orthodox churches morning and evening prayers are replaced by the singing of the Paschal hours, during the divine Liturgy, a Procession, symbolizing the procession of the myrrh-bearing women to the tomb of Christ, and the communion of the Holy mysteries of Christ. The Royal doors in all the churches are open, showing that the Tomb is empty. Throughout the week sounds all the day the ringing of bells.

And on Bright Saturday the Church distributed the bread, the artos is consecrated at the Easter night, and endowed with miraculous properties. Believers bring him home, kept near the icons and use them as talismans and healing tools in special cases.

On Bright week after Easter is not performed the ceremony and read prayers for the dead, and the funeral service for the deceased consists mainly of hymns of Easter.

On the occasion of the joy of the Resurrection of Christ from the dead, in the week after Easter, the people commemorate their deceased ancestors. It is believed that the souls of the dead for some time returned to the earth to live to rejoice in this Holy occasion.

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In General, the feast is a time of vacations, meetings, guests, celebration, joy and fun. From the day of Holy Pascha to its leave-taking, i.e. on the fortieth day all believers at the meeting christocrats with the words: “Christ is Risen! – Truly Voskrese!”. And yet they fight each other krashenki. And good luck in the competition by beating eggs manage to emerge victorious, then you will have good luck.

Bad omen is to grieve, to mourn and to be discouraged on a Light week. But if the Easter week, the baby is born, he gave him a long, happy and bright life.

Also a good omen is to help, to do good deeds, to do charity to all in need and to share with them the joy of the bright feast of Passover.

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